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Telegram’s token has received little attention from the SEC. However, everyone seems to have adopted its messaging app everywhere. Pavel Durov’s end-to–end encrypted platform has become a staple of the crypto community. 300 million users can attest to its success. Telegram can experience an occasional outage on rare occasions, which causes a dip in cryptosphere conversation. Crypto Telegram is active all the time. Here’s a selection.


Telegram Is Alive and Well for 2019


Following a brief flirtation on Discord and Slack in 2018, the cryptosphere established a camp on Telegram. It’s been there since. Crypto Twitter is for serious discourse, thought-leadership and occasional mudslinging. However, crypto Telegram is more for ephemeral, but not less important, discourse: trading, accessing industry data and sharing dank memes via the sticker set.


There are also token sales, which is a must. Even in post-ICO times, IEO engagement regulations require a strong Telegram community for crypto projects. Telegram channels provide a hub for community updates about projects, token sales dates and bounty campaign opportunities.


10 Top Telegram Crypto Channels


Token sale monitor ICOspeaks has compiled a list with the top Telegram crypto channels. This includes the top cryptocurrency news and exchange streams, both in English and Russian. You can also add the following channels to get a glimpse of all that crypto Telegram has.


ICO Drops


Many of the most prominent Telegram channels use “ICO” in their names as a hangover from 2018. However, their content is much wider these days. ICO Drops, for example. While it covers token sales, the most important content touches upon general industry news such as Bakkt and custodial solutions. Its infographics are a quick summary for those who don’t want to spend the time reading full articles.


ICO Analytics


ICO Analytics can be considered the same as ICO Drops but is not a clone. However, the quality of the channel’s research speaks for itself. This site contains data about token sales ROIs, exchange token performance, and other metrics. It is presented in bar graphs and charts. Check out more about Charity Coin


10 Top Telegram Crypto Channels




Cointrendz, a website for swing traders, provides an ongoing stream of information on the latest cryptocurrencies. Pumping is a better term. Cointrendz is the right place to go if you are looking for a strategy that involves following volume and making the most of the profits. Cryptonomia does the same job.


It’s no surprise that you need to promote your own channel in a roundup of this nature. So here’s ours. This stream contains all the articles published on news.Bitcoin.com. If you like what the preview snippet looks like, click ’em. Don’t. You can find pure Bitcoin Cash news at the unaffiliated and aptly titled Bitcoin Cash News. Spanish speakers should visit Crypto Noticias.


The Crypto Room


While the channels are available to view only, it’s fine for reading information. However, if you want interaction, you will need to join a discussion group that’s open to all. There are many candidates available, but The Crypto Room has the right balance of focus and flow. Some channels can move too quickly so there is no shortage of them.