An interesting psychological test for personal life. Incredible, but 97% accurate

An interesting psychological test for personal life compiled by the world’s leading psychologists! The test is 97% accurate. Choose the color you like the most.



People are usually patient, persistent and incredibly persevering. It’s not their style to give up on the job and say, “It still didn’t work out”. will methodically move towards their goal, step by step, imperceptibly resembling an asphalt paver, and will not stop until they have reached it. These qualities make them great pros. The proverb that war is war, and dinner is on schedule, must have been invented by someone from “Squares”: when they say “improvisation” or “impromptu” they wrinkle their nose and frown with displeasure. From their point of view, life is successful if only it goes according to plan. These lovers of stability try to adhere once and forever to the established order of things. They love to build logical constructions and diagrams and hate surprises, innovations and any changes in general, and those


Green is considered a temporary, transitional form. Usually it is chosen by people who at the moment are extremely dissatisfied with themselves and their lives and want to change this situation for the better. “Everything is there for happiness, I just am not there, but that means that I will be there” – this is the motto under which they operate. The main qualities are curiosity, courage and interest in everything new. They yearn for change with all their hearts and absorb new knowledge like a sponge. People very rarely stay for a long time – as a rule, after the decision about what to do is made, they “mutate” into any other figure from the remaining four.


In winter and summer, regardless of the vagaries of the weather and must-haves of the season, people are dressed in an orange leader’s jersey. These are real “Energizers”, but unlike batteries, they have ambition and pragmatism. They are calculating, ambitious, not only know what they want, but also how to achieve it. At work, they are able to very clearly convince the management of their own indispensability. Often they sin by being sure of the existence of two points of view – wrong and their own. They are strong personalities and dangerous competitors, sometimes it seems that the spirit of rivalry flows through their veins along with the blood.


A person – like no one else knows how to empathize and sympathize, he can easily imagine himself in the place of another person, “get used” into other people’s emotions and share them. Kind and sympathetic can feel happy only if everything is in order not only for themselves, but for their relatives and friends. They prefer not to conflict with others, but to “smooth out” misunderstandings. Sometimes for them peace of mind is more precious than truth, in 99% of cases out of 100 they will be the first to make concessions.


Yellow – creative, creative, original personalities. They reject beaten paths, cliches and stereotypes, preferring to do everything in their own way, inventing non-standard moves and solutions. These originals often include charismatic, charming people. Yellows easily lose their temper, and their mood sometimes changes faster than the exchange rates during trading on the stock exchange. Excellent speakers who are ready to share the ideas that came to their
minds with everyone who wants it (and who doesn’t want it either).