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Another EU member nation will add poker to its State run gaming site. This time Austria is seeking to control the revenues from online poker.

“Casinos Austria would shortly set up an online virtual poker room on its gambling platform Win2day. Casinos Austria has bought the technology for its new QQWIN99 offering in Sweden. Casinos Austria would impose a new weekly limit of 800 Euros in bets by an individual as part of its effort to fight addiction to gambling.”

As more and more European Union members opt for the State operated gaming sites over free market competition, it is becoming more and more obvious that there will be a boiling point in this trade war that will require the EU as a whole to decide if online gaming is or is not a open trade commodity.

The Balkanization of poker is becoming more and more a real possibility. If this happens everyone will be limited to playing online poker with only members of their own country or cooperative trading nations. The global freedom of the internet may actually meet its first defeat at the hands of governmental controlled poker games.

I Coulda Been Goin’ to Rio!

OK the U.S. Congress screwed up a lot of people with that dumb ass Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Personally, I lost access to my two favorite online poker sites and the sites I now play on have complicated machinations to get my money in and out. I also had a nice chunk of my bankroll tied up with Neteller for nearly a year and I have to write letters to politicians who I wouldn’t let in my dog’s house. Yes, yes, ever red-blooded American (French, German, Turkish, Canadian, Danish, etc.) poker player has some or all or more complaints about the …

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There is no doubt about it; trading, indeed, is a business. In fact, trading has immense potential for making profits. And, compared to various other businesses, trading is a much better business. May be, it is not suited for everyone, especially for those who are very conservative and are not prepared to take any risk. But, for those who possess the necessary skills and are prepared to learn ‘tricks of the trade’ the hard way, trading, as a business, has no parallel! This line of business is very ideal for people who are interested to become entrepreneurs operating from home with convenient working hours.

You can rest assured of all the benefits that one can normally expect from working from home.  The most significant advantage in working from home is you will not come across any hurdles that are normally associated with any traditional business. There will not be any trouble from employees; you do not have to worry about creating or developing or making researches on products or keep stocks of them. Further, you don’t have to introduce new strategies or develop the existing ones. You will not be bothered with frequent telephone calls. You won’t have any dissatisfied or disgruntled customer to tackle with. Apart from all these, you decide on the working hours and you implement whatever ideas you think fit.

You will be just wondering if everyone can enter the trading business. It is not possible for everyone to take to trading. For this, you should be mentally prepared to work with a select circle of customers and throughout the day. You should have the ‘self-pushing’ nature and be prepared to work with zeal. You want to take up trading as your business but, by nature, you are not a self-pushing person, what should be …

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Poker chip has been around for as long as the Angka Keluaran HK game itself. Not everyone had the similar currency in earlier times and there were some people as well who had no currency as well. Instead, people had small gold pieces that they were able to actually mine out or the other precious gems. This was all the most people had and thus these were used by the poker players as chips. But, there was even a dire need for larger amounts and standardization of the chips.

Obviously, there was nothing like plastic in older days. In place, there were wood pieces, bones and stones. The small gaming places that were also the brothels started the trend of having money of the people and thus turning them into the poker chips. In fact, the poker chip history can be extended as different civilizations and societies loved gambling and different types of games were enjoyed by all, but with their very own poker game chips to keep the record of their wins and loses.

The manner in which real poker chip is weighted makes great feeling in the player’s hands. One can shuffle the checks around with great convenience as one contemplates the hand as well as the sounds of clacking and clicking as one rake in another huge pot is simply just one of a type. The poker chips are even customizable. One can have almost any design on the poker chip. You can try the initials, the company logo or even your birth date on the poker chips. When somebody walks into one’s home and tries to take money at poker table, one needs to make some statement. by pulling out the great set of casino chips says that you are actually not trifled with when …

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In Hollywood, the stars pay hundreds of dollars per hour to get over the fact their mom was an alcoholic and their dad liked to wear corsetts on the weekends. At sbobet poker tables, the group therapy only costs the blinds and rake. In Tunica, the rake was a $5 per half-hour time drop.

My dad took me to the circus. My mom made me Snicker Doodles and ice cream floats. I didn’t have much to talk about, but I paid my $5 per half hour anyway.

“I don’t know what it is. Six months ago I washed my hands whenever I went to the bathroom. Now, I have to do it ever half an hour or I get a little weirded out.”

That was the man who owned the restaurants in Columbus, Georgia and across the border in Alabama who was wearing a loud cowboy shirt. He was proud of his chemise and strained to point out that if we saw him tomorrow, he’d be wearing one that was even more offensive. He didn’t know then that when we saw him tomorrow, he’d be wearing the same shirt, having sat at the same table for nearly 24 hours. When I sat down, he had about $1300 sitting in front of him and was the biggest stack at the table. I’d bought in for $500 and was waiting to see if he would be an easy or hard mark.

“Bloody Mary mix with salt on the rim of the glass,” he ordered when the cocktail watress came by. He was sober and friendly. I didn’t have a read on him when the big dude in the cutoff made it $25 to go. The singer/bassist girl on the button folded and I peaked at my cards in the small blind. …

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Somehow, I knew where this was headed. No good can come of it. Nothing positive would be molded from the mental mud this week. I’m the blogger-in-waiting, the guy who knows Otis. If you’re luring fish, I’m the friggin’ worm.

Let’s start here : 12 AM Friday (Vegas Time)

This is the start of my work day. I’m always here this early. It makes for a nice commute. Sort of like playing automotive frogger with the early morning drunks. I had one story to tell before I got on the plane. One quick tale and then the high-tail to Sin.

Get this :

Someone broke into a trucking company in the southern slot hoki part of the county. He stole a dump truck (the kind with tires bigger than men), and drove it downtown. Check that. He drove it to jail. Directly to jail. The idea, it turns out, was to ram police cars parked just outside, which he accomplished with great style. He then hopped out, ran to a nearby gas station, and called 911…on HIMSELF.


To tell dipatchers what he just did, and DARE them to catch him. He got away, but police took the payphone into custody. Just another day at the office. I love my job.

That story was in the can by 12:00PM (Vegas time)…the airplane…and further absurdity.. await.

The G-ster touched down 12 hours later…and was starting to feel the effects of what was already a long day. It was also a very long flight and, did you know, those in-flight beers are $5.00 EACH.

CJ met me at the front door of the EXCAL, and it was straight to poker. I knew I was in trouble. I saw Otis, and what turned out to be Pauly, playing some sort of limit …

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One of the more exciting events in this years World Championship of Online Poker came to an end late this afternoon. Event #30, a $500+$30 NL Shoot-Out Tournament, resumed Thursday afternoon with just 10 players remaining. The high-stakes NL Shoot-Out held a $500,000 guarantee which ultimately was not met. With only 895 players PokerStars was forced to dig deep and pony up $52,500 in overlay. While overlay is great for those playing the event it can be a bad sign of things to come for the rest of the series.  However Event #30 seems to be one of just a few specialty events that may not have garnered as much attention from tournament players because of its structure.  The tournament started with all the players spread out across 100 tables. In a shoot-out tables are not combined as players bust, instead each table works down to one remaining player and then another round begins.

Once the event was underway there were plenty of good players on hand vying for a $91,250 first-place check.  Among the 895 players were plenty of PokerStars professionals including one who was fortunate enough to make the money. Highlighting those inside the top-100 were Barry “barryg1″ Greenstein who busted in 41st place for $1,925. The high-stakes cash game professional is one of the most recognized players in poker due to his appearances on shows such as NBC’s “Poker After Dark”, The “Big Game” on FOX, and “High Stakes Poker” on GSN. Other notables professionals included Pat “TorontoToro” Pezzin, George “Jorj95″ Lind, and former WSOP ME Champion Chris keluaran hk Moneymaker.

The final table was delayed until Thursday which left the remaining 10 players plenty of time to stratagize against their opponents. Being a shoot-out all ten players involved started with identical chip-stacks:

Seat 1: …

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When looking at ways of improving your general health and wellbeing, you may have come across the subject of fish oil tablets, and it’s no surprise. They are regarded for having countless benefits to various areas of your health and lifestyle. We’ve listed 10 of the main and most important ones, to show you just how powerful they are.


  1. They help to boost brain power and memory


A diet lacking in omega-3 fatty acids, may cause your brain to age faster and lose some of its memory and thinking abilities. Some recent studies have found positive associations between fish oil supplements and cognitive functioning as well as differences in brain structure between users and non-users of fish oil supplements.


  1. They help to improve bone health


When it comes to maintaining bone density, calcium, vitamin D and magnesium shouldn’t be your only supplements. The omega-3 fatty acid DHA is essential for optimal bone health, and is a main component found in fish oils. Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume

  1. They aid fat burning


Fish oil is renowned for aiding weight loss; particularly in patients suffering from serious illnesses such as pancreatic cancer.


  1. They help to reduce the signs of aging


Growing evidence suggests that telomere shortening (the DNA at the end of your chromosomes) can inhibit stem cell function and cellular regeneration; causing unhealthy aging. Therefore adding some Omega-3 to your diet in the form of something like oily fish at least twice a week is a great way to get things back on track.


  1. They help to promote a healthy immune system


Fish oil capsules are regarded for helping maintaining a healthy immune system, as they affect the activity and amount of cytokines and eicosanoids …

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Shares in online gaming companies jumped in recent days after a spokesperson for the powerful Democratic lawmaker Barney Frank, Democratic Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said that Barney Frank is currently working on legislation to repeal the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This gave the industry a glimmer of hope that the sweeping ban Congress passed last year might be repealed. Although Mr. Frank has not yet confirmed his intentions.


The Financial Times website reports that Barney Frank said that the ban, formally known as the ‘Unlawful Enforcement togel  Gambling Act’, was one of the “stupidest laws” passed.


He continued “I am working on legislation to cut back on this internet gambling thing . . . I think it’s preposterous. I’m looking for ways, maybe we can make some money off of it,” he said, signalling that he could be considering a proposal to make online gaming legal by regulating, and taxing the industry. A spokesman for Mr. Frank reportedly said he had not yet drafted any legislation and was still at a ‘thinking stage’.


Although the Massachusetts Democrat represents a potentially powerful ally to pro-gaming interests, people who watch the issue in Washington expressed scepticism about the prospects for repeal.


Under the rules of the upper chamber, a single lawmaker can, in most circumstances block legislation from getting a vote. A spokesperson for Jon Kyl, a Republican senator who supports the ban, said he would oppose any effort to repeal the legislation.


Mr. Frank also said “I am not ready to get into specifics yet. People have come to me with some ideas. Not Al D’Amato and I’m looking at it.” Thus referring to the former New York senator recently named chairman of the Poker Players’ Alliance, a lobby group that is …

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The donkaments at Ultimate Bet are growing every month! By playing the multi-table tournaments at Ultimate Bet, you can earn your spot on the UB Leaderboard! For complete details of what you can win every week, see the first post of the UB Leaderboard by courtiebee by clicking here.

If you want to check out for yourself who is leading on the leaderboards, you can check out FTR’s UB network page by clicking here. By navigating down to the Excapsa Software bitcoin dice Leaderboards section, you will be able to see the past and present leaders for every single at at Ultimate Bet. You can look through any single day to see when the players topped each other. It is usually right down to the wire every single week and one tournament could make the difference in thousands of dollars! As UB’s leaderboards are usually a couple days behind on their site, one week goes from Wednesday – Tuesday on the FTR archives.

Well, we are now in the third week of April and before we check out who is currently at the top, let’s have a look at last two weeks top 10 winners! You can view the entire 50 player list by checking out the April 8th Archive:

1 foolishgolf 678.25

2 scottyclark 629.74

3 spades27 445.28

4 CrazySixeS66 273.99

5 zestfulyclean 271.92

6 jsjh94 263.85

7 NeddyFlanders 261.32

8 sweetjj 251.93

9 KzooHustlin 250.56

10 busto_soon 230.13


Looking back throughout the week, we see that foolishgolf got started off good but finished even better. He was in the top 3 for most of the week, where he finally passed scottyclark and spades27 near the end. This was very clutch as it looked like spades27 was the clear favorite leading almost every day. 4 days into the …

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Get a feel for the island flavor without even leaving your home, thanks to engaging graphics and sounds courtesy of Caribbean Gold Casino. Scorching hot casino action and blazing promotions, mixed with warm, friendly customer support, makes this relaxed atmosphere casino a must play.


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Choose from more than 65 exciting casino games including:

  • All your favorite table games.
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Caribbean Gold Casino is fully licensed by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.



All Games – 96.81%


Silver Dollar Casino review


Set deep in the heart of the Wild West, Silver …

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