Casino Austria to add QQWIN99


Another EU member nation will add poker to its State run gaming site. This time Austria is seeking to control the revenues from online poker.

“Casinos Austria would shortly set up an online virtual poker room on its gambling platform Win2day. Casinos Austria has bought the technology for its new QQWIN99 offering in Sweden. Casinos Austria would impose a new weekly limit of 800 Euros in bets by an individual as part of its effort to fight addiction to gambling.”

As more and more European Union members opt for the State operated gaming sites over free market competition, it is becoming more and more obvious that there will be a boiling point in this trade war that will require the EU as a whole to decide if online gaming is or is not a open trade commodity.

The Balkanization of poker is becoming more and more a real possibility. If this happens everyone will be limited to playing online poker with only members of their own country or cooperative trading nations. The global freedom of the internet may actually meet its first defeat at the hands of governmental controlled poker games.

I Coulda Been Goin’ to Rio!

OK the U.S. Congress screwed up a lot of people with that dumb ass Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act. Personally, I lost access to my two favorite online poker sites and the sites I now play on have complicated machinations to get my money in and out. I also had a nice chunk of my bankroll tied up with Neteller for nearly a year and I have to write letters to politicians who I wouldn’t let in my dog’s house. Yes, yes, ever red-blooded American (French, German, Turkish, Canadian, Danish, etc.) poker player has some or all or more complaints about the meddling politicians around the world, who just can’t seem to leave us the hell alone.

But I have a new, very personal complaint.

rio2Every time I log into one of the sites I play poker on, I see new promotions to win a seat in Aussie Millions or the European Poker Tour or any number of WPT or WSOP events. I take a shot once in awhile but mostly I am happy to go to my local cardroom on Friday and and to spend the rest of my poker bankroll in online tournaments. But I have had one big travel dream all of my life. I would like to go to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival.

So image my surprise and image the hate-filled nasty, nasty, nasty letter I send my congresslady when I saw the Party Poker promotion for Carnival in Rio next month. PartyPoker is sending eight players to Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Me! I should be going! This was my trip to win [insert long-winded, barely coherent rant about politicians, loss of personal freedom and several four and nine letter words that should not be spoked within 300 meters of schools or churches].

rio1Yes, you play poker to win the prize package but once you are in Rio it is pure fun. Hotel, airfare, seats at the grand parade and a big chunk of spending money.

But I live in the land of the semi-free run by brave-less weasels, so I can’t open my Party account and play for the dream vacation of my life.

You Bastards!