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Iron Man3 previewWe here at Titan Casino like to stay on top of the latest trends, particularly when it comes to Marvel Comics’ latest cinematic adventures. Needless to say, we’ve been waiting with bated breath for the latest installment of Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man series, which follows the exploits of billionaire playboy Tony Stark, who defends the world from tyranny from inside a suit of high-tech armor. The actor is ready to suit up for the role for the fourth time this May in Iron Man 3, and we’ve got the inside scoop on what to expect.


When We Last Left the Series…

When we last saw Tony Stark on the big screen, he was leading a team of superheroes against alien invaders in the 2012 blockbuster ”Marvel’s The Avengers.” Before that, however, Stark had been suffering from palladium poisoning from the arc reactor in his chest that had kept him alive since the first film. As if that weren’t enough, our hero faced off with the fearsome Ivan Vanko, a rogue Russian scientist (played by Mickey Rourke) who developed his own suit of armor, as well as several robot drones programmed to attack Stark. Fortunately for the Iron Avenger, his good friend James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle), who donned the silver War Machine armor to aid him in his battle, was on hand to back him up.


Elsewhere, Tony’s girlfriend, Pepper Potts, was named CEO of Stark Enterprises and faced off with rival military contractor Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) with the help of loyal limo driver Happy Hogan (the film’s director, Jon Favreau) and super spy Natasha Romanoff, aka the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).


Fans can relive all this action at Titan Casino, thanks to our Iron Man 2 slot machine game, which …

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Positive progression system, the opposite of the Martingale System.


The Paroli system is the opposite of the martingale system. You start with one bet and you increase your bet when you win rather than when you lose.


However, you will need to plan a betting procedure whereby you know how far you will let the bet build before you take it down to the initial starting bet and how much to raise after each win. This obviously depends on the type of game played and the odds of the bet. The advantage of this system is that you do not require a large bankroll. It lets the profit run and cuts short the losses.


The advantage of this system is that you do not require a large bankroll. It lets the profit run and cuts short the losses.


This system can be used in Blackjack, Craps or Roulette


  • Positive progression betting systems: You increase the bet when you win. This requires less capital and is usually employed to take advantage of winning streaks.



Prediksi Nurnberg vs Dortmund (Bundesliga)


BERTINDAK sebagai tuan rumah di easyCredit Stadion melecut semangat dan optimisme Nurnberg untuk membungkam Borussia Dortmund dalam lanjutan kompetisi sepak bola Bundesliga, Jumat (3/2) atau Sabtu dinihari WIB.


Kendati merupakan laga yang sulit, Nurnberg berharap memori indah bulan November 2007 berulang kembali. Kala itu di tempat yang sama, Nurnberg mampu mengalahkan Dortmund dengan angka 2-0 melalui gol pemainnya Tomas Galasek dan Angelos Charisteas.


Itulah kemenangan terakhir Nurnberg atas Dormund dan sejak saat itu dalam 6 kali pertandingan berikutnya Nurnberg tak pernah lagi menang, bahkan kalah 5 kali beruntun.


Sementara itu, Dortmund berhasil menduduki peringkat ke-2 klasemen sementara Bundesliga dengan torehan 40 poin, hanya kalah produktifitas gol saja dari Bayern …

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Agen Sportsbook menjelaskan tentang Permainan Judi Casino Di Situs Web Terbaik. Menghibur diri memang sangat diperlukan oleh semua orang. Karena ketegangan ketika beraktivitas membuat pikiran pasti terasa sangat tidak nyaman. Oleh karena itu, mencari hiburan dapat membantu mengurangi beban pikiran anda. Bila anda ingin mencari sebuah hiburan yang berwujud permainan, anda bisa bermain judi casino. Karena didalamnya banyak permainan yang dapat membantu anda merefresh pikiran anda menjadi jernih lagi.


Judi casino amat memacu andrenalin serta menyenangkan untuk dimainkan. Diantara permainan judi kasino ialah mesin slot, poker, blackjack, rulet, dan lain-lain. Memainkan permainan taruhan itu mungkin membutuhkan keahlian tersendiri, namun untuk penampilan mesin slot, anda hanya membutuhkan faktor keberuntungan saja. Terhadap permainan kartu seperti blackjack juga poker, pemain membutuhkan strategi untuk bisa mengalahkan pemain lain. Untuk anda yang suka dengan performa taruhan casino, anda dapat mencoba memainkan performa tersebut didalam casino. Jika anda mau bermain dipermainan judi casino ini tanpa mesti keluar menuju casino, anda bisa memainkannya secara online di situs game bola tangkas.


Bermain permainan taruhan via internet tidak ada lainnya dengan memainkan betting tersebut secara langsung. Malahan anda dapat bermain dimana saja tanpa harus bertemu dengan pemain yang lain. Jika anda mau mencoba tampil dipermainan ini via internet, anda dapat mencari di Situs Judi yang aman. sebagai situs dimana anda dapat tampil di berbagai macam performa betting ,baik judi casino maupun taruhan bola. Dalam situs ini, anda bisa membaca tentang tata cara juga prosedur secara jelas. Jadi, kunjungi situs tersebut serta ikutlah bermain!


Hal Yang Perlu Anda Perhatikan Dalam Taruhan Bola Online


Agen Sportsbook akan membahas mengenai Hal Yang Perlu Anda Perhatikan Dalam Taruhan Bola Online. Menjadi penggila bola sudah menjadi hal lumprah dimasyarakat kita. Banyak dari semua golongan yang mencintai sepakbola. Selain sebagai wacana hiburan, ternyata pengetahuan bola bisa dimanfaatkan untuk …

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to announce that Caesars Palace is in search for the Modern Day Caesar.


Caesars Palace, one of the world’s best known resort-casinos, and GQ, the premier men’s lifestyle magazine, announced today a multi-platform, multi-month search to find the “Modern Day Caesar.” Searching for a man of unparalleled mental and physical agility, style and good looks, one lucky winner will be awarded a prize package that includes a fantasy getaway for four to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The “Modern Day Caesar” search is primarily being promoted in the pages of GQ magazine, on-location at Caesars Palace and online at


From May 23 to July 27, consumers can visit and enter the “Modern Day Caesar” search by submitting a photo and taking the “Modern Day Caesar” quiz. At the conclusion of the entry period, a panel of judges — comprised of representatives from GQ and Caesars Palace — will choose the five finalists. These finalists will be featured in an advertisement within the September 2006 issue of GQ, where consumers will be called upon to vote online for their favorite man. Once the winner is determined, he will be flown to Caesars Palace for a photo shoot to be revealed in GQ’s annual “Man of The Year” issue in December.


In addition to appearing within the pages of GQ, the “Modern Day Caesar” will win: a three-day, two-night stay in luxurious hotel accommodations at Caesars Palace for four, roundtrip airfare for four from a U.S. airport, VIP access to PURE nightclub, dinner for four at RESTAURANT GUY SAVOY Caesars Palace, four spa treatments at The Spa at Caesars Palace, four concert tickets, $500 worth of promotional chips, and a $2,500 gift certificate to The Forum …

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It seems Party Poker has a hit on its hands with its new “STEPS” series of sit n go tournaments. The STEPS tournaments are a series of one (or two) table sit n go tournaments which function like a series of satellites, with X number of players going into the next level of tournament.

For example, the one-table STEP one tournaments cost $11 (+ $1 juice). The top two finishers from this ten-person tournament go on to STEP two. You can buy directly into STEP two for $50 (+$5 juice), or qualify in via STEP one. The top two finishers from STEP two go on to STEP three, and so on.

Sit n go tournaments have become one of the most popular features of online card rooms, and since the Party Poker started running the STEPS tournaments, they have become the most popular sit n gos by far. In fact, many Party players have found that since the advent of the STEPS tournaments, regular sit n gos, which used to take minutes to fill up, now take much longer.

Having played a number of these over the past few weeks…some observations about the STEPS series of sit n gos for Free Sports Picks

Firstly, depending on your playing style, you may want to consider whether the one table, or two table STEPS tourneys are for you. Its important to note that just like regular one table sit n gos at Party, the blinds go up every 10 hands on the one table. This usually results in a “crapshoot” situation at the end of these tournaments because the blinds escalate so quickly. I recently played in one of the STEP 5 single table tournaments, and with only 10,000 chips in play, and the blinds at 150-300, there were still seven of …

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Each player at the table is dealt Togel Hongkong seven cards which are then arranged to make two hands: A two-card hand and a five-card hand. Rankings are based on the same card values as standard poker values. The highest two-card hand would be two Aces, and the highest five-card hand would be a Royal Flush.


It’s imperative that the five-card hand be higher than the two-card hand. For example, if the two card hand is a pair of sevens, the five card hand must contain at least a pair of eights or higher. If the player sets the hands so that the two card hand is higher than the five card hand, it is an automatic losing hand.


The point of the game is to ensure that the Togel Hongkong player’s two hands rank higher than the Banker’s two hands. The Player’s two-card (low) hand must rank higher than the Banker’s two-card (low) hand, and the Player’s five-card (high) hand must rank higher than the Banker’s five-card (high) hand. Should one hand rank exactly the same as the Banker’s hand, this is a tie. The Banker wins all ties by default.


If the player wins one hand, but Togel Hongkong loses the other, this is considered a “push” or a tie in other words. In “push” hands, no money exchanges hands.


Winning hands are usually paid even money, minus a 5% commission (check your casino for details). Losing hands lose all money wagered.


This is how the game is played: The dealer shuffles the cards and deals seven hands of seven cards each, face down in front of the dealer’s tray. The dealer checks that exactly four cards are left over, and then Togel Hongkong places those cards in the discard …

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Online poker has exploded in popularity. More and more players are winning big money in tournaments and other money games. In order to win, you have to play like a pro. The best players are educated on all aspects of poker. These three tips should help your poker game improve vastly.


  1. Don’t be afraid to commit to the pot. When you have a very good hand, you should always bet a fairly large amount. You can try to draw players into the hand with slowly increasing bets. If you make a large bet, and a player re-raises Casino Extra you, don’t be afraid to call. Some players attempt to scare others off by re-raising. If you know that you have a solid hand, then don’t be scared off by a re-raise. Committing to the pot is not bad when you know you have a solid hand. Someone who folds a good hand because of a raise is generally just throwing his or her money away. The best players play with a significant amount of confidence. Confidence is shown when you stay in a hand that you know you have a good chance at winning. In the end, poker is still a game of chance. The players who are willing to take chances (when they have a reasonably solid hand, of course) have the most success.


  1. Avoid underbetting the pot. This goes along the same lines as “commit to the pot.” If you simply bet a small amount after every turn, then more players will be inclined to stay in. This increases the chances of someone hitting cards and beating you. The ideal betting scenario for someone with a good hand is to bet just enough to keep one person in. Or, if it is one on
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Ever watched fidgety poker players doing tricks with stacks of poker chips and thought, “hey that’s cool in an annoying, pscyhe your opponent out kind of way”? Well with a bit of dexeterity, you could probably learn to do these tricks, too, and wow your friends and neighbors. Or at least your dog. Ruff. At least until you get into live tourneys and millions of screaming fans can see how cool you really are.


Most of these “chip tricks” are based on old coin sleight of hand dexterity exercises and tricks that were popular in the late 1970s – early 1980s. Nick Momrik has a site, Poker Chip Tricks, with a couple of dozen short videos – many submitted by readers – showing some of the more popular moves. There are also text tutorials as well, but I think the videos are generally clear enough to show you what you need to know.


If you can’t find the nice ($1 or more per) poker chips to experiment with, you can also use silver dollars, half-dollars, or those “pug” (pog?) thingees kids were playing with in the 1990s. Quarters are a bit on the small side.


If you have the right power tools, or live next to Tim the Toolman Taylor, you could make your own poker chips. I’d say make chips with a 1/8th or 1/4 inch thickness, 1.5 inch diameter using a good quality dense wood. Sand the side down and finish each entire chip with some sort of thin gloss to prevent splinters.


For those of you that prefer card sleight of hand Casino Cbet tricks, check out Nick’s “card tricks” pages.


Student Gambling Addiction


CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) Radio reports this morning that gambling addiction help lines …

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One Friday night this month, legal secretary Deena McKeel walked away $1,500 richer from a Southwest Greensburg Fire Hall poker tournament, by finishing in the top three among 110 players.

Her fiance was one of the many men she defeated at the event, a fund raiser for the fire company.

“I love to beat them, ’cause they get so mad,” said the 33-year-old from Derry, a gambling enthusiast.

Twenty miles away, Felicia Serrano, a Braddock mother of five murmured, “Thank you, Jesus” and patted her heart after winning $1,000 in a crowd made up mostly of women at a Monroeville bingo hall. The sponsor, St. Benedict the Moor Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang Church of the Hill District, itself earns $1,000 a week from the smoke-filled, late-night game after paying $8,000 in prizes.

Even if a vote in Harrisburg this week gives the state the green light to create up to 14 slot machine casinos in the state, analysts figure most other gambling will continue unimpeded.

The addition of those clinking, jangling, whirring electronic machines that gulp nickels, dimes and quarters at an amazing pace would just present one more chance in a culture rife with such opportunities.

“This is all I do, and it’s a hobby, not a habit. I don’t go out to bars, I don’t go out to party,” explained Nancy Mullen, a 40-something bank systems analyst from Turtle Creek, who calls it relaxing to scan 24 or more bingo cards Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang simultaneously with her purple dot dauber during games from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. at St. Benedict’s weekly event.

She likes the finite gambling limits of bingo. The $30 admission Judi Online24jam Deposit Uang fee gives patrons a group of bingo sheets and a brown sack to crumple them into as they groan …

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Most often the people flat calling are drawing. At big enough Cheri Casino poker tables a late caller gets great odds for what was at the outset a pot bet. If we are the ones betting and we have a hand to protect then we doesn’t very much like that.


Many people see the solution to this as being a check raise. With the exception of a few situations we don’t promote much check raising. To understand this you have to first understand that one of the reasons you bet is to buy information. With a check raise there is the risk that nobody bets, in that case the information is overpriced.


Submarines use sonar to identify and sink their opponents. We want to be like them. Sonar works by sending out a small ‘ping,’ upon its reflection and return it has a new vector. One of the situations in poker games which we think merits a sonar type bet is the kind where you know you get to bet more if you want to. It’s like string betting but with a payoff.


Imagine there is a short stack at your table, really, really short. You bet half his stack, or when we are playing on the Prima poker network, his stack minus a penny (they let you re-raise on any raise). The short stack having called preflop is pot committed, he either knows that raising gives him a chance to shorten his list of enemies or he feels that it is just what he may as well do. Whatever the underlying reasoning is he almost always does it.


Ideally the short stack is on the Cheri Casino button and we got to see if everyone else just flat called this tiny bet. The …

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