After the divorce, the husband gave his now ex-wife only a day to leave. After packing her belongings, she decided to have herself a farewell dinner with shrimp, black caviar, and a bottle of champagne.

After dinner, she took a few half-eaten shrimp tails, soaked them into caviar and stuffed them into the curtain rods.

The husband and his new girlfriend were just happy for the first few days.

But soon the whole house began to smell of something bad. They tried everything they could, spent a lot of money to get rid of the smell, but nothing worked.

They decided to sell this stinking house and move to another.

A month passed, but they could not find a buyer. They had to take a tidy sum from the bank to buy a new house without selling the old one …

The ex-wife called him about a month later to find out how he was doing. He told her about the problems with selling the house without going into details. She said she missed her old home terribly and would like to buy it back.

The man quickly agreed to a price that was a tenth of the value of the house.

A week later, a contented man stood and grinned, watching as the movers packed his things to move them to the new house … Everything, including the curtain rods ……

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The robber climbed into the house at night. He turned on his flashlight and started looking for valuables. Then a voice is heard from the darkness:

– Jesus knows that you are here.

The robber’s heart almost jumped! He turned off the flashlight and froze. Silence. He waited a few minutes, and then shook his head and continued his search.

After a while, he hears the same voice:

– Jesus looks at you.

In horror, he began to quickly scan the room, and, finally, the flashlight beam stopped on the parrot, whose cage was in the corner.

– Did you say something? The thief hissed to the parrot.

“Yes,” the parrot replied. “I’m just trying to warn you that he’s watching you.

The thief relaxed.

– Warn me? Who are you?

“Moses,” the bird replied.

– Moses ?! – the burglar laughed. – Who will call the parrot Moses?

– Those who called the Rottweiler Jesus.

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