The female horoscope for January promises beautiful ladies a pleasant and unforgettable week. The new 2017 year begins, and the Universe itself is ready to delight all of us with small gifts and happy accidents.


Astrologers advise Aries representatives to use your best qualities and already revealed talents to the maximum. If you do not yet know in which direction to move and what talents to apply in practice, you can always look at the list of famous representatives of the Aries Sign.


In order not to know worries and problems, it is important for Taurus this week to correctly prioritize from the first days. Embracing the immensity in one day is not the best tactic. Expect pleasant surprises by the weekend, and on weekdays, do only the most necessary so as not to waste all your energy on a lot of exhausting little things.


This week, the twins will find the keys to the lock they have long and unsuccessfully tried to open. If your desire is marked by Destiny, your efforts will be crowned with success, and the most impregnable fortress will fall. The beginning of the year is a great time for everything new.


It is better for the representatives of this Sign to devote time to health, since, based on the weekly horoscope, too much will depend on your well-being. The stars will open the doors to new opportunities for you, but storming the peaks with a runny nose and migraines is not the best idea, so remember on occasion the beneficial properties of hot tea.

a lion

Lionesses should turn to the talismans of their element. In the winter season, the energy of Fire will definitely not hurt you. Light candles and garlands, surround yourself with warm blankets of bright colors …

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To make the New Year 2017 happy and successful, try to compile your list of future victories. By doing this for your Zodiac Sign, you will enlist the support of the stars and heavenly patrons.


In the new year, the stars advise Aries not to waste their time on trifles. Let one item appear on your to-do list for 2017 that you are ready to consider impracticable, but deep down, you really would like it to come true. For example:

make repairs;
change your hairstyle;
visit the land of dreams.

By engaging in other, simpler goals, you will gradually be able to bring yourself closer to the cherished unfulfilled desire and by your example prove: dreams come true.


It is best for Taurus to plan their victories in 2017 in stages. You can easily improve your financial situation: the patron of the year, the Fire Rooster, endows everyone with remarkable vanity and a desire for success, and with a pragmatic approach, these qualities will definitely bring good luck. Your plan for the year could start like this:

replace furniture with new ones;
update your wardrobe;
save up for the trip.

Collect actionable and practical items, and then you will only be pleased with your own successes.


Astrologers advise Gemini in 2017 not to waste energy on a hundred things at once. Although you have more enthusiasm and fuse than many other Signs, this year it will be difficult to prioritize. The most correct decision is to immediately, from the first days of 2017, help yourself with this. Dedicate the list to one area in which you want to consistently succeed, for example:

grow professionally;
change jobs to a more promising one;
invest in your own business.

Avoid lengthy phrases like “self-development.” Write to yourself – which one? …

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