Even a very loving man has a stranger woman whom he will never forget.

In the life of any man there is a woman, whom he will remember every time with tenderness and warmth, and with incomprehensible sadness. And this, despite the fact that he has been happily married for several years, loves his wife and his children.

Let’s try to figure out who these girls or women are that the spouse is not able to forget.

1. The girl with whom a man fell in love for the first time in his life

“The first love is the last…! – so it is sung in one famous song. And in reality, few men have forgotten their first love, their then feelings and sensations.

And it doesn’t matter whether this love was mutual or unrequited. But it was at that moment that the man looked at himself from the other side and suddenly realized that a woman could change his whole life.

The first feelings are the purest, the most naive. And even though illusions and dreams for some reason did not meet expectations and did not come true, a man will never forget his first love. It was this girl who awakened these light and tender feelings in him, and for the sake of her smile the man was ready to move mountains and turn rivers back.

2. A woman that a man failed to achieve

Even if he loved her much less than the others, or maybe he didn’t even love her at all, he wished that this woman would have slept with him at least once.

The man even forked out for this. But she still refused to belong to him. By this, the woman hurt his male pride, and this was the reason that she forever remained in his memory.

3. The woman that the man lost

It often happens that a man realizes how much he values ​​and loves a woman only after she is no longer there and will not be around. She left and her whole life lost its meaning. Only after that does a man begin to realize his mistakes, to understand that he devoted little time to her, often offended her with his attitude and actions, and could not appreciate her care, warmth and love. And now nothing can be returned, too late. She left.

And even if, after some time, a man loves another woman, he will always remember the one who taught him to love truly and broke his heart.
Any woman is pleased to know that she left a mark on the soul of a man, and that he will remember her throughout his life. But, you must admit, it does not matter at all with what thoughts and feelings the ex-man will remember you. It is much more important to know how the person you love feels towards you.