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CHUCK – I really like the concept of your “chalet casino”. It’s a welcome change from all the boisterous, vegas-style casinos on the Net. What led you to this concept?

GINO – Well, we wanted to create an atmosphere that gave a slightly more elegant feel for our players. Part of the appeal of the Internet is that it can take you to a whole new world without ever leaving your home.

When did Alps first open for business?

May 1999.

I know you offer comps and incentives. Tell us about them.

Part of our goal with Alps was to provide more than just a casino, we wanted to make a gameroom where people can play for fun, money or just hang out. To accomplish this we offer the standard casino incentives such as a 10% sign up bonus and a 10% referral bonus for referring a friend who signs up. We also have a sweepstakes available to anyone who wishes to enter, whether they have an Alps account or not. In addition, we have implemented a chat feature so that players can chat live with others at Alps.

Why did you decide to offer no-download JAVA games instead of download games? Any plans to offer download games in future?

Each type of game has its pros and cons. We wanted to make Alps as accessible as possible to surfers. A Java applet will load on the average in just under a minute. A download 789 package can take hours. Also, Java games mean that when people play, they are actually present at the website . This makes things like the chat feature possible. Right now, Alps is doing very well and we would rather expand on what we have going instead of heading off in another direction.

What games do you offer?

Blackjack, Progressive Video Poker, Roulette, Progressive Slots, Craps and a monthly sweepstakes.

What’s your favorite game?

I’m a Craps player myself.

A lot of players have concerns about the fairness of online casinos. How do you ensure your games are fair and honest?

We have several ways. Unofficially, we respect the awesome power of reputation on the Net. If we were ripping people off, we’d be out of business right now, there’s just too much competition. Along more formal terms we offer our players the following assurances:

Alps Casino is Government Licensed and Regulated – Alps Casino is licensed and regulated by Antigua. Antigua gained its independence from Britain on November 1, 1981. Antigua is still a part of the Commonwealth of Nations and the 157th member of the United Nations. Antigua conducts a due diligence process on all the applications before the license is granted. The due diligence is a continuous process conducted for the duration of the period specified by the licensee.

Alps Casino uses Industry Regulated Fairness Standards – Alps Casino’s game payouts are in compliance with the rules established by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Alps believes that the success of gaming is dependent upon public confidence and trust that gaming is conducted honestly and competitively.

Alps Casino Transaction Security – All financial transactions at Alps use SCMP. SCMP is a secure and authenticating messaging protocol based on Industry Standard DES and public key cryptography from RSA, providing industrial-strength security. Not only is the communication line between Alps and our bank secure, but the customer payment information itself is encrypted to prevent alteration or tampering.

Alps Casino Oath of Confidentiality – Alps guarantees that all customer information is confidential and private. This personal information will not be disclosed to anyone other than Alps and the customer.

Do you accept wagers from the US?


In what country are most of your players located?


The US Senate has been taking steps to prohibit Internet gambling in the United States. Any comments on the legal front?

This is a cut and dried case of one-sided persecution. Technically there are only a few locations for “legal” gambling in the US. However, the reality is that land based casinos are cropping up everywhere in the United States regardless of a state’s individual gambling laws. Fourty-eight out of fifty states in the US offer some form of gambling whether it be casinos or horse racing or lotteries. Yet, somehow, the Senate seems obsessed with the threat of online gambling. I get the feeling that our government representatives are being motivated by more than just an altruistic desire to curb the threat of America’s gambling habit.

What do you think the future holds for online gambling?

Hard to say at this point. Clearly the popular vote is for online gambling, otherwise you would not see such a recent proliferation of succesful online casinos. Unfortunately, the popular vote does not pass the laws.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about Alps?

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