New Year’s list 2017: planning a year according to the Sign of the Zodiac

To make the New Year 2017 happy and successful, try to compile your list of future victories. By doing this for your Zodiac Sign, you will enlist the support of the stars and heavenly patrons.


In the new year, the stars advise Aries not to waste their time on trifles. Let one item appear on your to-do list for 2017 that you are ready to consider impracticable, but deep down, you really would like it to come true. For example:

make repairs;
change your hairstyle;
visit the land of dreams.

By engaging in other, simpler goals, you will gradually be able to bring yourself closer to the cherished unfulfilled desire and by your example prove: dreams come true.


It is best for Taurus to plan their victories in 2017 in stages. You can easily improve your financial situation: the patron of the year, the Fire Rooster, endows everyone with remarkable vanity and a desire for success, and with a pragmatic approach, these qualities will definitely bring good luck. Your plan for the year could start like this:

replace furniture with new ones;
update your wardrobe;
save up for the trip.

Collect actionable and practical items, and then you will only be pleased with your own successes.


Astrologers advise Gemini in 2017 not to waste energy on a hundred things at once. Although you have more enthusiasm and fuse than many other Signs, this year it will be difficult to prioritize. The most correct decision is to immediately, from the first days of 2017, help yourself with this. Dedicate the list to one area in which you want to consistently succeed, for example:

grow professionally;
change jobs to a more promising one;
invest in your own business.

Avoid lengthy phrases like “self-development.” Write to yourself – which one? And hang the list in a prominent place to inspire you.


Representatives of your Zodiac Sign in 2017 need to strengthen their fighting spirit. This year will be held under the auspices of the element of Fire, and your water sign of the Zodiac may feel out of place. To avoid this, set yourself simple, yet achievable and rewarding goals:

learn a foreign language;
get rid of unnecessary things in life (and this is not only about its material side);
quit smoking (postponing things until tomorrow, being lazy – or any other habit of your choice).

You will have a list with which you will not waste your time and energy.

a lion

Lions in 2017 are already ready to shine, and they can be understood: the energy of the owner of the year, the Red Rooster, ideally matches the qualities of your Zodiac Sign. However, you may overestimate your strengths, and facing defeat a step away from the pedestal is below average pleasure. Therefore, when making a to-do list, re-read the points – they should all be doable:

“Become famous” – why not specify what exactly, for example, “start writing a novel”;
“Moving to another country” is a great idea, but it’s worth starting with “learning more about the country in which I will live” in the plan.

Do not worry that your dreams will become a little more “mundane” – you are just turning castles in the air into real goals. And you can achieve at least half of the plan.


Virgo people usually love lists, plans, diaries, and other time planners. Or, at least, they keep such multi-stage plans in their heads, mentally referring to them daily. That is why the Stars advise you sometimes to take a break from a life that is written down by points. Try a to-do list where all things are nice:

eating strawberries;
swim in the sea, river or lake;
saying nice things to yourself every day.

Take a break from the obligation, try a different approach – and life will sparkle with bright colors.


Libras just need to include something pleasing to the eye on their to-do list. Perhaps you have long wanted to try your hand at painting, visit a famous art gallery, or better understand cinema. In that case, do not forget to include these nice points in your minimum plan. Ideally, it is better to alternate business with pleasure:

get a favorite artist;
buy a new TV;
get to the exhibition of your favorite artist;
buy a new sofa.

Someone else will not be able to do such a list, but Libra perfectly combines even seemingly contradictory qualities. So just let your potential unfold.


Scorpios in 2017 may be at their best, but they just need a positive attitude. Be sure to add something nice to your plans, even if it’s not very useful – just for fun:

buy your favorite baby treats for your birthday;
call a friend with whom you would like to reconnect.

And, of course, don’t forget to diversify your list of nice little things with an ambitious task. The Year of the Fire Rooster is simply created to make dreams come true.


For Sagittarius in 2017, astrologers recommend diluting the list of duties with pleasant trifles:

get a box for your favorite earrings;
order pizza with childhood friends;
to settle aquarium fish in the office.

Of course, this plan is very rough, because only you know what makes you smile sincerely. However, written in the plan for the year, these little things will become known to the Universe. Just leave the chance to act.


Your Zodiac Sign will need faith in yourself – and that the Universe will help you fulfill your dreams. When making a list, make sure that there are no negative wording in it, especially with the “not” particle:

eat right (instead of “not eating after eight”);
go to bed on time (instead of “not watching TV until nightfall”);
save up for vacation (instead of “saving for a rainy day”).

And let there be no dark days in the new year – but only bright days that will delight you and bring you success and good luck.


Astrologers advise Aquarius in 2017 not to waste their time and carefully weigh the items on your to-do list. Don’t waste time on things that won’t be useful to you. Try to remind yourself of the things that you think are really important. For example, if your family life is at an impasse, start with it:

read books on personal development and relationships (if you don’t know where to start);
look for a family psychologist (if there is already a relationship, but problems are clearly ripe in them);
visit places where you can meet (if you are only looking for a partner).

Of course, if you are more interested in other areas of life, the list will be completely different. The main thing is to weigh each of its points and do not bring in there what you personally do not need. The Red Rooster, the symbol of the year, is a terrible individualist, which means that he will help you and only you.


Pisces has a fruitful year ahead of you, so your to-do list can be large. Do not be afraid to write the most daring ideas into it: even if a couple is left behind, you will complete most of it with brilliance. Add in there those undertakings that you previously didn’t get your hands on (or lacked determination):

learn to skate;
visit the country you wanted to get to since childhood;
learn sign language, “sing” a song in it and put the video on your page on the Internet.

Remember that this is not your minimum program: but suddenly these, a little “crazy” plans will turn out to be the ones that you bring to life.

We wish all Zodiac Signs a happy 2017, full of discovery, joy and prosperity. Attract good luck with our horoscopes for this year, increase your energy more often, do not forget about positive attitudes (affirmations for good luck sometimes work miracles).