There are a lot of books on Blackjack card counting of varying quality. Wong’s Blackjack Secrets is simply one of the best. Even though Wong doesn’t go into as much depth on some topics as other books, he does cover a truly staggering amount of ground in a mere 256 pages.

Chapters 1 and 2 contain the standard introduction to Blackjack and explanation of basic strategy. This has become obligatory for any book that teaches a card counting system. The great thing about Blackjack Secrets is that Wong covers this material in less than 25 pages. The information presented on these topics is up to Wong’s exacting standards of completeness and accuracy.


Chapter 3 covers the Hi-Lo card counting system, one of the simplest and most powerful available. Here he covers the count, true count adjustment, strategy variation, and gives other advice on learning counting systems. Wong covers this material more thoroughly (almost pedantically) in Professional Blackjack, but his coverage here is more than adequate.


The book would be worth the price tag with just the coverage thus far, but with Chapter 4 we really get into the meat of the book. Here we have about 50 pages of some of the best advice ever written about how to win while not getting barred. The tactics mentioned here were not all devised by Wong, many of the best known and most successful Slot Gacor names in card counting contribute. I guarantee that nobody plays Blackjack so well and has given the game so much thought that there won’t be a lot of material here that’s new and valuable. It’s that good.


The next chapter, “Winning Faster”, is equally as good. At a game with such a small edge, anything that can increase your advantage by a few …

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Unique Casino

King of the world, master of all I survey… fairytale this may be, but there’s no harm in dreaming! Someone recently won a cool $1.6 million dollars cash at Captain Cook’s Casino – always one of my favorites, and Got2Bet’s first Gambling Site of the Month. But it seems that the Captain has given up the boat… at least for now – and he has declared himself King of Captain Cook’s new sister site, Casino Kingdom.

40 awesome games, including the the first online million-dollar progressive slots, Major Millions, and the other nine popular progressives powered by Microgaming – plenty of Power Poker machines, normal video poker machines, slots and of course your favorite table games such as blackjack and Cyberstud Poker. Whatever you fancy, you’re sure to find here at Casino Kingdom.

So off I went to register for my free $16 trial money – all you have to do is sign up by clicking on the link above (or below), download the software, and register your credit card details for age and address verification – then send them an email and your bonus will be credited within an hour.

At least, supposed to be credited in an hour! Now I happen to know that the Unique Casino King has a lot of staff ready to wait on you hand and foot – but it seems that, in the first hours since he opened the castle, he was stormed by a ton of new players wanting to be the first to gamble in his kingdom! So there might be a short delay at first, but rest assured that the King will see to it that your bonus is credited as quickly as possible – as always, still faster than nearly any other casino on the Net.

What’s worse (or …

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Slot Gacor

To win at poker, in the long run, you need to play better poker than the people you are playing against. Seems obvious enough, right? So you learn whatever you can about the game to become better. Again, an obvious point.

But, what is often not as obvious is that there are two ways to become better than your opponents. One is to improve your skills. You can assiduously study, learn about the game, and practice. If you are at least somewhat intelligent, observant, and disciplined, that will help improve your game. But it is only one half of the equation of making you better than your opponents. The other half (the easier half in fact) is playing against players who play worse than you play.

Find bad players! In one sense that is counterintuitive for the competitive person. We are trained, and our instincts pull us to want strong opponents as we seek to get better. In fact, this is generally how we improve in other competitive endeavors. If we want to play better tennis we play against better tennis players. If we want to become a better musician we find better musicians to practice and perform with. Football, golf, public speaking, running, weightlifting, body building? Just about everything else we might do is improved by doing it with those who have done it longer and do it better than we do.

Not so in POKER!

We want weak opponents in poker. We want players who don’t understand basic poker strategy. We want players who are playing to gamble, just to have fun, or even to lose. We don’t want to compete against other strong, aggressive poker players .

We play poker to win. Sure, we might want to go up against a world class player now and again. …

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Last night the guy to my right was flashing me his cards all night long. I even told him to be more careful, but he kept right on doing it. Afterwards, one of the other players called me a chump for not exploiting this huge “gift.” To me it seemed like a question of ethics, but I guess I could have been wrong. What do you think?




Dear Solomon,


This is a tough dilemma, and one that most players face at one time or another. Everyone has to make their own moral choice, of course. Some people think that anything goes in a poker game. (We call these people angle shooters and we hate them.) Others seek a standard of purity that would leave Jesus feeling foxed and boxed. I say that everyone should make their own decision, and no one should force their decision on anyone else.


For myself, I will never take unfair advantage – go out of my way, say, to peek at another player’s cards – but I will accept the advantage that other players hand me. In other words, if you flash me your cards, be certain that I will use the information if I can. Some would regard my position as morally perilous, but I sleep at night.


One thing you must never do is give any opponent this kind of edge over you. Always protect your cards from prying eyes (and eyes do pry!) Look at your ligaz11 cards once, quickly, without lifting them off the table, and then do not look at them again. This minimizes the chance of information leaking out to anyone, innocent bystander and nefarious angle-shooter alike. And don’t forget that your face gives away information too. The more frequently you …

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There have been three poisoning deaths at the Las Vegas Majestic’s Poker Room. The Chief of Poker Room Security, Talbot, The Poker Cop, continues the investigation.

I call the LVPD Switchboard. I ask for Detective Rook, Chief of the Las Vegas Strip Police. “Ex-detective Talbot,” Rook says, “what have you done this time?” I ignore this. “Rook. I’m at the Majestic Poker Room. I’ve got three fatalities, possible poisoning victims, all dead within minutes of each other, all elderly, all players from the same table, all with Poker Room Bar drinks in their hands. Fallon’s shutting down the poker room bar. I don’t how many victims we’re going to have but it’s already ugly and could get a lot uglier.” I stop. Listen. Rook is dispatching EMS units. The ERs at Vegas General and Mercy Hospital are alerted for casualties. He comes back on the line, “I’m five minutes away. I want you to . . .”

“Lock down the crime scene. Identify all possible witnesses and hold them for questioning. Obtain any and all surveillance tapes for your viewing pleasure. Isolate possible victims. Prepare them for emergency treatment and transport. All while not disturbing the crime scene or degrading the evidence.”

Rook hangs up.

I’m dialing Casino Surveillance, when Georgette Olde, our own Captain Video, walks into the UFA poker room with her laptop. I tell her to set up in Joey’s office and wait for the Strippers (the LVPD Strip cops).

In Joey Rosenberg’s office the surviving Sinners sit very still. The paramedic is keeping them under observation, flashing lights into eyes, taking their blood pressure, checking their pulses, and waiting for something to happen. Nothing has.

Red Penny walks into Joey’s office, looks at the three remaining Sinners like they’re lab rats, and asks the paramedic, “Who’s …

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CHUCK – I really like the concept of your “chalet casino”. It’s a welcome change from all the boisterous, vegas-style casinos on the Net. What led you to this concept?

GINO – Well, we wanted to create an atmosphere that gave a slightly more elegant feel for our players. Part of the appeal of the Internet is that it can take you to a whole new world without ever leaving your home.

When did Alps first open for business?

May 1999.

I know you offer comps and incentives. Tell us about them.

Part of our goal with Alps was to provide more than just a casino, we wanted to make a gameroom where people can play for fun, money or just hang out. To accomplish this we offer the standard casino incentives such as a 10% sign up bonus and a 10% referral bonus for referring a friend who signs up. We also have a sweepstakes available to anyone who wishes to enter, whether they have an Alps account or not. In addition, we have implemented a chat feature so that players can chat live with others at Alps.

Why did you decide to offer no-download JAVA games instead of download games? Any plans to offer download games in future?

Each type of game has its pros and cons. We wanted to make Alps as accessible as possible to surfers. A Java applet will load on the average in just under a minute. A download 789 package can take hours. Also, Java games mean that when people play, they are actually present at the website . This makes things like the chat feature possible. Right now, Alps is doing very well and we would rather expand on what we have going instead of heading off in another direction.

What games …

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Togel Hongkong

Here are a few items that made the news over the past week.

From the ‘watch where you bet’ files: A U.S. teenager has agreed to return some of the $900,000 he allegedly made running an online sports betting scam.

Federal securities regulators in the States believe the 17-year-old bilked investors of more than $1 million through his Invest Better 2001 web site and bulletin board.

The teen promised risk-free investments for people who gave him their savings, and guaranteed returns of 125 percent to 2,500 percent. This money was then bet on sporting events through a Costa Rican sports betting site.

Down in the South Pacific, Vanuatu Internet Data Centre has announced that it will be launching a Sammy Davis Jr.-branded online casino.

Davis, who was a member of the legendary Rat Pack, died in 1990 but his wife signed a licensing agreement with marketers The LaRoda Group and Gaming & Entertainment Technology Inc. that allows them to use his likeness for the site.

The casino is expected to open in March. U.S. residents will not be able to make real-money bets, but will be able to collect points redeemable for Sammy Davis Jr. memorabilia.

The big news of the past week was William Hill’s decision to block Togel Hongkong customers from making bets on its sportsbook after January 31.

The company has said that it will no longer be taking sports bets from America because of the 1961 Wire Act’s ban on placing these types of wagers over telephone lines.

U.S. players will be able to withdraw money from their accounts after January 31 but will not be able to place bets or deposit money. They will, however, still be able to make bets at the William Hill online casino. Bettors in other parts of the world remain …

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Slot Online

Citibank, the largest credit card issuer in the U.S., has agreed to block all online gambling transactions that use its credit cards.

The agreement, announced by the bank and New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, applies to all Internet gambling transactions – not just those in New York – and goes into effect in 60 days.

“Americans now waste $4 billion a year on this pernicious form of gambling,” Spitzer said, as quoted in an Associated Press report. “With this agreement, we will cut off an enormous line of credit that was a jackpot for illegal offshore casinos.”

Citibank controls about 12 percent of the nation’s credit card market. Bank of America, MBNA and Chase Manhattan Bank have also begun blocking the gambling transactions.

“Citibank agreed to take these steps to help alleviate concerns raised by the attorney general about the impact that gambling on credit may have on New York residents,” said Citibank spokeswoman Maria Mendler.

Credit cards are only one of several methods players use to buy credits at online casinos.

KAHNAWAKE, Canada — King Neptune’s Casino recently celebrated the 225th anniversary of the American flag by donating a percentage of its proceeds to one of America’s newest patriotic endeavors – a September 11th relief fund.

The Casino wanted to commemorate Flag Day, which was celebrated on June 14, by helping those Americans who were affected by last year’s attacks.

“Flag Day celebrates the ultimate expression of freedom, the American flag,” said King Neptune’s spokesperson Scott Gaines. “It’s the perfect holiday to show our support for the values that America was founded upon.”

To raise the money, the Slot Online Casino held a two-day “Flag Day Charity Challenge” during which $5 of every $100 purchase was donated to one of the September 11th funds. King Neptune’s management was …

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To Ram Vaswani, it’s not the size of the bet that counts. “It’s proper play,” he insists, “and with that, the money doesn’t affect me at all.”


Actually, there’s nothing that seems to affect Ram Vaswani, least of all the trappings that accompany his role as a poker celebrity. I caught up with Ram at the Four Queens, between tournaments and promotional gigs for The Hendon Mob, where he was candid and optimistic about life and the game of tournament poker. Although Ram’s poker accomplishments already read like a decent career, he quietly talks as if he’s just getting started. And you can believe him.


Ram didn’t start out as a professional poker player, but he was never that far away. Growing up in Finchley, London, he tells the story of a card game he played in at school from which he would use the money he won to buy sweets. One day the boys were banned from playing for money, so Ram had all the players go out and buy sweets to bring to the game, and after that, they played cards for the sweets. The school couldn’t ban a game for sweets.



Vaswani played snooker from an early age, bunking off school when he was 14 and 15 to make money playing for tenners and twenties. He turned professional at 19, when, he said, he was “good enough to make a living, but not good enough to be at the very top of the game.” When asked if he’d ever hit a century, though, Ram was incredulous, modest about his talent until pressed. “One forty-seven, mate! I once had three centuries in a match!”


And if it all comes down to skill and talent, you have to like …

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For the first time since the start of November, Barcelona are on top of La Liga, though only by a point,after mauling Rayo Vallecano 6:1 at the Camp Nou. Real Madrid lost 1:0 at Athletic Bilbao and with only two wins in five league games, paid for their recent ropy form this weekend.


Aritz Aduriz headed Athletic into a 26th minute lead from Mikel Rico’s cross and the Basques survived a second-half Real fightback to dethrone the leaders on Saturday.


Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo were denied but Gareth Bale almost scored the goal of the season seven minutes from time when his shot from within his own half beat the goalkeeper but cannoned off the left-hand post.


Real can point to their injury list as excuses – particularly the lack of midfield creators Luka Modric and James Rodriguez, but boss Carlo Ancelotti will shoulder the blame in the coming week for surrendering their perch on top of the league.


Barça got a lucky break when Lionel Messi’s 56th minute penalty was ordered to be retaken for encroachment after his initial effort had been saved, though the blaugrana did lose Daniel Alves to a straight red card ten minutes from time.


Messi bagged another hat-trick, his 32nd for his club and a Spanish football record, to take his goals to 30 for the season, level with Cristiano Ronaldo. Luis Suarez scored a brace to take his tally to seven, while Neymar netted to take him to 15.


87,151 watched the one-sided contest, the Camp Nou’s biggest crowd this campaign.


Atletico Madrid drew 1:1 at home to Valencia to sit six points behind Real in third. Los Colchoneros led through Koke’s 33rd minute opener but failed to net a second and had their lead …

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