To make the New Year 2017 happy and successful, try to compile your list of future victories. By doing this for your Zodiac Sign, you will enlist the support of the stars and heavenly patrons.


In the new year, the stars advise Aries not to waste their time on trifles. Let one item appear on your to-do list for 2017 that you are ready to consider impracticable, but deep down, you really would like it to come true. For example:

make repairs;
change your hairstyle;
visit the land of dreams.

By engaging in other, simpler goals, you will gradually be able to bring yourself closer to the cherished unfulfilled desire and by your example prove: dreams come true.


It is best for Taurus to plan their victories in 2017 in stages. You can easily improve your financial situation: the patron of the year, the Fire Rooster, endows everyone with remarkable vanity and a desire for success, and with a pragmatic approach, these qualities will definitely bring good luck. Your plan for the year could start like this:

replace furniture with new ones;
update your wardrobe;
save up for the trip.

Collect actionable and practical items, and then you will only be pleased with your own successes.


Astrologers advise Gemini in 2017 not to waste energy on a hundred things at once. Although you have more enthusiasm and fuse than many other Signs, this year it will be difficult to prioritize. The most correct decision is to immediately, from the first days of 2017, help yourself with this. Dedicate the list to one area in which you want to consistently succeed, for example:

grow professionally;
change jobs to a more promising one;
invest in your own business.

Avoid lengthy phrases like “self-development.” Write to yourself – which one? …

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A smile, perfume or a seductive look? How to drive him crazy in just a few minutes.

A study by the University of Salamanca with more than 1,500 respondents aged 16-86 proved that women need at least five to six meetings to finally decide whether to start a relationship with a partner, while men are more likely to fall prey to lightning sympathy. One in five representatives of the stronger sex at least once in his life experienced love at first sight and more than half – after the first date.

What can make him lose his head here and now?


The phrase “plaster fell” is often used by men in relation to a female make-up, rather than a peeling wall. The more natural the beauty looks, the more chances you have to spend this evening in a good restaurant in good company.


Naturalness captivates not only in appearance, but also in communication. Never try to build yourself out of who you are not. Standing men do not tolerate deceit and falsehood. Be yourself, no matter how naive and uninteresting it may sound: other people’s gestures, words and habits, like shoes not in size, cause a lot of trouble and inconvenience.

3. Curiosity

Yes, brains are still sexy. Men love women who can keep up a conversation on any topic and calmly argue their own point of view. And if you can distinguish rugby from handball, corner from penalty kick, and Vasily Berezutsky from his brother Alexei – get ready for the fact that on the third date he will introduce you to your parents.


Your smile works like a magnet. And, apparently, they know this from the physics course. A woman who laughs at men’s jokes and at the same …

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I don’t even know how to convey it…. But you don’t need to live with assholes, and you don’t even need to be with them. From this, a woman experiences a destruction of self-esteem and a loss of faith in men, and in general, her whole life is awry. And assholes are not all men. They are not Men at all. They have only a genital organ from men and the conviction that they are awesome, in this case, is unfounded.

At the beginning of dating, assholes look like normal men. Sometimes, you can’t tell right away, they mimic. They can only be recognized by their actions, in relation to a woman.

The main feature of an asshole is obvious or well-concealed disrespect for a woman. It can be expressed in condemning women’s choice, work, occupation, etc., in expressing dissatisfaction with her body or her personal qualities, in comparison with the mythical “normal woman”, in non-recognition of her right to mistakes and blunders. Assholes always consider themselves ideal and know how it should and how it should be. If you feel like you are on trial in a relationship, then the one who portrays the prosecutor is an asshole.…

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Features of bad girls, or rather very confident and arrogant women that a man would love to see in you.

Having some of the traits of a bad girl doesn’t mean being a bad girl. In addition, often a man wants you to be not just gentle and beloved, but also his best friend, who is capable of crazy deeds to make his life more interesting. Men like women with a sense of humor and a “peppercorn”. So if you play bad girl at least once, he will definitely love it.

So, 8 features of bad girls, or rather very confident and arrogant women, that a man would gladly see in you:

1. Unpredictability.

Most men hate the daily routine, which often seems like family life to them. That is why they need an unpredictable and adventurous woman with whom marriage will seem like happiness. Offer him a spontaneous trip out of town or at sea, figure out how to diversify your everyday life.

2. Self-confidence.

It’s no secret that men are more attracted to confident women who know what they want. He, of course, will help you make important decisions, but bothering him about trifles, simply because you do not know what to choose is annoying.

3. Disobedience.

Men are obsessed with ass – it’s true. And they sometimes want to do forbidden things, including in public. They adore women who are outwardly very correct, but in the bedroom they can suddenly go crazy and go beyond.

4. Love yourself.

You have to remember your needs and your pleasure. If you do everything just for him, he will not appreciate it. But men like women who are completely independent, who can live on their own and rely only on themselves, but suddenly made a choice to live with him. …

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She says: “I am always at work. I don’t remember my vacation at all. This business has no end in sight.

N. again left me for L. I understand that she suits him better, she is an athlete, she is freer. They have a lot of common interests, and in general she is prettier.

The last time he hugged me, I breathed in his scent, and felt that he is a very dear person to me, but for seven years now like this, I understand that we will never have anything. I won’t have time to give birth. I’m tired of waiting. ”

She says: “Mom always compared me. She said that I was a bad daughter. A good daughter, this is, firstly, an excellent student, secondly, an athlete, and thirdly, with good posture. And there was always Olya from the third house. Basketball player, excellent student, with good posture. With big eyes on a horse’s face. I hated her. I tried to walk like her and goggle and goggle lips like her, but I was not very good at it. I wanted everything in Olya’s life to be different, really bad. Mom will see this and finally love me, not her. ”

She says: “My grandmother did not love my mother. Grandma was abandoned by grandfather, it was hard for her. She worked hard, drank and beat my mom. Told her: “You cry more, pee less.” And also: “There is no need to walk, slut. Go, scratch the corner. ” I understand why my mom is like that. Why is she so. After all, her grandmother did not love her.

She says: “My grandmother grew up during the war. There was nothing, everything was on the cards. Potato peel pancakes. Her dad would pull the cord out of the …

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In the life of any man there is a woman, whom he will remember every time with tenderness and warmth, and with incomprehensible sadness. And this, despite the fact that he has been happily married for several years, loves his wife and his children.

Let’s try to figure out who these girls or women are that the spouse is not able to forget.

1. The girl with whom a man fell in love for the first time in his life

“The first love is the last…! – so it is sung in one famous song. And in reality, few men have forgotten their first love, their then feelings and sensations.

And it doesn’t matter whether this love was mutual or unrequited. But it was at that moment that the man looked at himself from the other side and suddenly realized that a woman could change his whole life.

The first feelings are the purest, the most naive. And even though illusions and dreams for some reason did not meet expectations and did not come true, a man will never forget his first love. It was this girl who awakened these light and tender feelings in him, and for the sake of her smile the man was ready to move mountains and turn rivers back.

2. A woman that a man failed to achieve

Even if he loved her much less than the others, or maybe he didn’t even love her at all, he wished that this woman would have slept with him at least once.

The man even forked out for this. But she still refused to belong to him. By this, the woman hurt his male pride, and this was the reason that she forever remained in his memory.

3. The woman that the man lost

It often happens …

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We slept by accident. In the morning
I was doing something, calling someone,
and maybe half an hour later I noticed her eyes.
Thick hair, high cheekbones.
I remembered how we fell asleep yesterday.
Before that, last night.
How long we chatted about the eternal.

Spit. And mini. Long legs.
The way of joking about God all the time,
a tight T-shirt, a zip in the back,
moans on the freeway.

– Probably enough to stagger already.
Are you even eighteen?
– To me? Sure. A lot more.
– Perfectly. Can you go?

And now – naked in the morning light.
He looks so unusually wise,
so strange that he doesn’t feel like eating.
Is talking:

– I am your death.

And for some reason I believed it right away.
hammered into logic, reasoning,
did not even take out Occam’s razor,
but took it and asked directly:

– When?

– Not that very soon.
At least another forty years.
Maybe more. Do not be afraid. I will not eat.
I’m small at all.

– And I asked. I asked you!

– You have an adult death.
Do not be afraid. I don’t want to hurt you.
I just went in earlier.

You are so afraid, afraid of me,
you are getting dumber from day to day, you
do not sleep until you are stupid , you beat your muzzles
– you will die like that before you die.

You smoke, blow, read rubbish,
all the time rude, constantly drunk,
like talented and rough,
but in fact you are afraid of life.

So that’s it. Don’t talk about “no death”.
I am. I like the color black.
Cats. Stories. And flowers.
And I like you.

I’m leaving now. But you people, understand:
your angel of death is your guardian angel.
I …

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How often do you make promises to loved ones, and then don’t keep them? Sometimes the hustle and bustle of life makes you forget about those who really care about you. Sometimes there is not even time to stop and just think about those who sincerely love and wait for you. And if in an instant you allow yourself to forget about these people, about the family, who knows how all this can turn out …

This story is about how the father of a large family, already a grandfather, decided to teach a lesson to his busy children.

Every year he waited for them at Christmas, decorating the Christmas tree, setting the table, choosing a festive outfit for himself … But every time the children said that they could not come, promising to do it next year. The years passed …

Grandpa grew old alone. Nobody came and did not fulfill their promises. He took decisive measures, after which all relatives received a letter with sad news. They jumped off their seats and immediately arrived … What happened?…

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On the Web, wherever you stick, you will surely come across an article in the spirit of “10 things that men want from a woman,” and it will certainly emphasize that the woman who will give them all this, men will consider ideal. And we tell you that they can count anything they want, but these 10 things definitely do not need to be done for them. Will cost!

Play hostess

We know how difficult it is to overcome this superstructure: the peasant must be fed! You need to create comfort in the house! Pleasant atmosphere All this is fine, of course, but why on earth should you do it? You will be surprised, but not with any. There is no innate feminine desire to feed everyone around and constantly wash the house. It’s just that when you were little, your mother taught you how to do it (because her grandmother taught her at one time). And when you did it, your mother probably praised you. And that’s all. In this case, you are no different from the smiling Labrador who was given a cookie every time he performed the command “sit”: he is used to the fact that it is pleasant to obey, because they will give you something tasty for it. So you too – you are used to the fact that a cleanly washed floor is a guarantee of praise from the person dearest to you. From Mom. This is called positive reinforcement. Great training method, yeah. But you’re not a dog.

And he is not your mommy. And this means that they will not positively reinforce you all your life: very soon your economic exploits will be taken for granted and indignant, why do you have the audacity to occasionally not perform them? Where is the …

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So the New Year has come, which means that soon Christians will celebrate the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ. What things are better to avoid, and what, on the contrary, can and should be done on January 7 – read in our article.

Christmas has been celebrated since ancient times. Usually, on this day, believers visit church and read prayers for the health of all relatives and friends. It is highly recommended to devote this day to good and positive activities that develop spiritually!

What can you do for Christmas

On the feast of the Nativity of Christ, one should offer prayers to the Higher Powers, asking them for favor and mercy to all people. If possible, visit the church and attend the Divine Liturgy. You can light a candle and offer words of gratitude at home in front of your icons.

You can wash and go about your daily activities during Christmas if they are aimed at self-satisfaction and not entertainment. Work is also not considered sinful if the forces are directed to earn money for food and basic necessities. Wash your clothes only as needed if the matter is urgent.

Painstaking work such as knitting, embroidery and sewing is also appreciated. Labor has always been held in high esteem. If this is not entertainment and leisure, but a work or a gift to a loved one, the matter is considered God-pleasing and is allowed on any church holidays.

Traditional Christmas divination also takes place at this mysterious time, but the church does not approve of occultism and does not advise to get carried away with secret knowledge and look into the future. For everything there is the will of God, and according to his commandments it is worth building your life path.

Close relationships between spouses …

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