Peppercorn: 8 qualities of a bad girl he’ll be crazy about

Features of bad girls, or rather very confident and arrogant women that a man would love to see in you.

Having some of the traits of a bad girl doesn’t mean being a bad girl. In addition, often a man wants you to be not just gentle and beloved, but also his best friend, who is capable of crazy deeds to make his life more interesting. Men like women with a sense of humor and a “peppercorn”. So if you play bad girl at least once, he will definitely love it.

So, 8 features of bad girls, or rather very confident and arrogant women, that a man would gladly see in you:

1. Unpredictability.

Most men hate the daily routine, which often seems like family life to them. That is why they need an unpredictable and adventurous woman with whom marriage will seem like happiness. Offer him a spontaneous trip out of town or at sea, figure out how to diversify your everyday life.

2. Self-confidence.

It’s no secret that men are more attracted to confident women who know what they want. He, of course, will help you make important decisions, but bothering him about trifles, simply because you do not know what to choose is annoying.

3. Disobedience.

Men are obsessed with ass – it’s true. And they sometimes want to do forbidden things, including in public. They adore women who are outwardly very correct, but in the bedroom they can suddenly go crazy and go beyond.

4. Love yourself.

You have to remember your needs and your pleasure. If you do everything just for him, he will not appreciate it. But men like women who are completely independent, who can live on their own and rely only on themselves, but suddenly made a choice to live with him. It is pleasant for him to realize that he is not just a roommate helping with the housework, but also a beloved man. This means that in bed you have to tell him what and how you like it in order to enjoy it. Yes, they love it.

5. Straightness.

Usually a woman wants a man to guess what she wants, but they do not know how to do it. A man wants to know exactly what you want and what he must do for this. In the end, your happiness depends on it.

6. Domination.

The head of the family is a man, this is indisputable. But sometimes he wants to be under your control. Not always, but sometimes you can give orders and surprise him with an unexpected redistribution of roles.

7. Passion.

Add a pinch of pepper to every kiss. Every man wants a woman who feels every touch and adores every cell. Passion plays a huge role in relationships. Thanks to her, every kiss that you make ostensibly for formality – at a meeting or goodbye – will kindle your inner fire.

8. Impudence.

It helps when he cannot make a decision and is in doubt. And a man sometimes wants to hear something harsh and impudent – this inspires him. You can say that his doubts annoy you, because he always does everything perfectly – it seems to be arrogant, but inspires.