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Ever watched fidgety poker players doing tricks with stacks of poker chips and thought, “hey that’s cool in an annoying, pscyhe your opponent out kind of way”? Well with a bit of dexeterity, you could probably learn to do these tricks, too, and wow your friends and neighbors. Or at least your dog. Ruff. At least until you get into live tourneys and millions of screaming fans can see how cool you really are.


Most of these “chip tricks” are based on old coin sleight of hand dexterity exercises and tricks that were popular in the late 1970s – early 1980s. Nick Momrik has a site, Poker Chip Tricks, with a couple of dozen short videos – many submitted by readers – showing some of the more popular moves. There are also text tutorials as well, but I think the videos are generally clear enough to show you what you need to know.


If you can’t find the nice ($1 or more per) poker chips to experiment with, you can also use silver dollars, half-dollars, or those “pug” (pog?) thingees kids were playing with in the 1990s. Quarters are a bit on the small side.


If you have the right power tools, or live next to Tim the Toolman Taylor, you could make your own poker chips. I’d say make chips with a 1/8th or 1/4 inch thickness, 1.5 inch diameter using a good quality dense wood. Sand the side down and finish each entire chip with some sort of thin gloss to prevent splinters.


For those of you that prefer card sleight of hand Casino Cbet tricks, check out Nick’s “card tricks” pages.


Student Gambling Addiction


CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) Radio reports this morning that gambling addiction help lines in Canada are finding more students turning to them for help. Playing poker online seems to quickly take over study time. Some students report spending as much as 3 hrs daily on online poker. One report indicates a 9-year old spending time playing poker with his father. I guess it doesn’t help when a 22-yr old Master’s student wins several million in a tourney.