Weekly Horoscope for Women Jan 9 to Jan 15, 2017

The female horoscope for January promises beautiful ladies a pleasant and unforgettable week. The new 2017 year begins, and the Universe itself is ready to delight all of us with small gifts and happy accidents.


Astrologers advise Aries representatives to use your best qualities and already revealed talents to the maximum. If you do not yet know in which direction to move and what talents to apply in practice, you can always look at the list of famous representatives of the Aries Sign.


In order not to know worries and problems, it is important for Taurus this week to correctly prioritize from the first days. Embracing the immensity in one day is not the best tactic. Expect pleasant surprises by the weekend, and on weekdays, do only the most necessary so as not to waste all your energy on a lot of exhausting little things.


This week, the twins will find the keys to the lock they have long and unsuccessfully tried to open. If your desire is marked by Destiny, your efforts will be crowned with success, and the most impregnable fortress will fall. The beginning of the year is a great time for everything new.


It is better for the representatives of this Sign to devote time to health, since, based on the weekly horoscope, too much will depend on your well-being. The stars will open the doors to new opportunities for you, but storming the peaks with a runny nose and migraines is not the best idea, so remember on occasion the beneficial properties of hot tea.

a lion

Lionesses should turn to the talismans of their element. In the winter season, the energy of Fire will definitely not hurt you. Light candles and garlands, surround yourself with warm blankets of bright colors and give yourself comfort – the rest will follow.


Like those born under the Sign of Cancer, Virgos will not hurt to take care of their health. Prevention is better than emergency measures. Inner integrity is very important, so don’t be afraid to try out unusual ways to achieve balance. For example, coloring mandalas will help relieve stress and come to harmony with yourself.


Libra this week has to change tactics and surprise the whole world. Perhaps you are expected to talk about lofty matters or delay at a crucial moment. Don’t give anyone that pleasure. Act without knowing doubt and Fortune will be your guide.


Astro forecast for Scorpions is favorable, especially for the fair sex. You can hide the sting and not worry about vain intrigue or gossip. More important things begin. Take care of your energy and surround yourself only with loved ones.


Unpredictability is your key to victory and luck. You can always find out what helped Sagittarius become more successful, or even act independently, without relying on anyone’s authority. People around you will be surprised at how your business will go uphill soon.


Beautiful ladies born under the Sign of Capricorn will have a chance to drastically change their lives. Manifesting in small, it will entail significant consequences. The Universe will want confirmation from you – or rejection. If you delay, you may miss the chance, and if you get excited, you may regret what you have done, so weigh the pros and cons.


Astrologers advise Aquarius not to wait until the water itself flows under the lying stone. Action will bring the result closer, even if you are not confident in your abilities. Try new strategies, experiment with looks, update your wardrobe or plan a trip to another country – bold ideas will expand your horizons in the new year.


Astrologers predict an energetic rise in Pisces. Support it with proven recipes: brew herbs to increase energy, use meditation or breathing exercises: slow deep breaths normalize breathing and relieve nervous tension. Take care of yourself and your inner world: such an attitude towards yourself will raise both mood and efficiency, which means a week.