What can and cannot do on January 7 at Christmas?

So the New Year has come, which means that soon Christians will celebrate the bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ. What things are better to avoid, and what, on the contrary, can and should be done on January 7 – read in our article.

Christmas has been celebrated since ancient times. Usually, on this day, believers visit church and read prayers for the health of all relatives and friends. It is highly recommended to devote this day to good and positive activities that develop spiritually!

What can you do for Christmas

On the feast of the Nativity of Christ, one should offer prayers to the Higher Powers, asking them for favor and mercy to all people. If possible, visit the church and attend the Divine Liturgy. You can light a candle and offer words of gratitude at home in front of your icons.

You can wash and go about your daily activities during Christmas if they are aimed at self-satisfaction and not entertainment. Work is also not considered sinful if the forces are directed to earn money for food and basic necessities. Wash your clothes only as needed if the matter is urgent.

Painstaking work such as knitting, embroidery and sewing is also appreciated. Labor has always been held in high esteem. If this is not entertainment and leisure, but a work or a gift to a loved one, the matter is considered God-pleasing and is allowed on any church holidays.

Traditional Christmas divination also takes place at this mysterious time, but the church does not approve of occultism and does not advise to get carried away with secret knowledge and look into the future. For everything there is the will of God, and according to his commandments it is worth building your life path.

Close relationships between spouses are also not forbidden if they have a desire to continue their family line and acquire the long-awaited offspring.

A popular sign says that people who make purchases and trips to shops and markets on this day attract prosperity and financial well-being into their lives. You can also leave a few coins to those asking them to pray for your health.

What to refrain from for Christmas

On a great church holiday, one must not scold and enter into conflicts and quarrels. Your negative thoughts may well become life attitudes, and you unwittingly program yourself for failure and bad luck. Spiritual growth and elevation above the negative will help to avoid the troubles of life and enlist the support of the Higher powers.

It is believed that black clothes should not be worn on the bright holiday of the birth of Christ, as they symbolize mourning robes. The best choice would be elegant things in light colors.

Under the ban are entertainment activities aimed at achieving their own pleasure, as well as drinking large quantities of alcoholic beverages. This day is intended to work for the benefit of the family and prayers for the salvation of the soul and guidance on the true path.

Those who fast should not give up on abstinence and indulge their weaknesses. For example, on Christmas Eve, it is customary not to eat until the first star and to be restrained in the manifestations of emotions.

A visit to the cemetery and commemoration of the dead on this day should also be postponed. Churches everywhere pray for health and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and the Mother of God. The day after Christmas, a visit to the cemetery is not prohibited, and prayers for the dead are renewed in churches and temples.