You don’t need to live with assholes and you don’t even need to be with them

I don’t even know how to convey it…. But you don’t need to live with assholes, and you don’t even need to be with them. From this, a woman experiences a destruction of self-esteem and a loss of faith in men, and in general, her whole life is awry. And assholes are not all men. They are not Men at all. They have only a genital organ from men and the conviction that they are awesome, in this case, is unfounded.

At the beginning of dating, assholes look like normal men. Sometimes, you can’t tell right away, they mimic. They can only be recognized by their actions, in relation to a woman.

The main feature of an asshole is obvious or well-concealed disrespect for a woman. It can be expressed in condemning women’s choice, work, occupation, etc., in expressing dissatisfaction with her body or her personal qualities, in comparison with the mythical “normal woman”, in non-recognition of her right to mistakes and blunders. Assholes always consider themselves ideal and know how it should and how it should be. If you feel like you are on trial in a relationship, then the one who portrays the prosecutor is an asshole.